Home Delivery Menu

In Any Event Catering Services – Home Delivery Menu Wednesday through to Sunday from 12-10pm please call 01268 753745 or 07726 308320 Castlepoint and surrounding areas.


Pulled Pork in a southern comfort and lime glazed BBQ sauce

Pulled Brisket in a smoked Chipotle and chilli jam infused BBQ sauce

Cajun Roasted Sweet Potatoes with wild Mushrooms and Roasted Med Veg in a Cajun spiced BBQ sauce (Veggie and Vegan Friendly)

Tandoori Chicken wrap

Grilled Halloumi

(All wraps are filled with your choice of filling along with Salad, In Any Event Catering slaw and sauces as needed)



All our burgers are hand pressed and weigh in at 4oz at time of cooking, we use only the finest graded beef for our burgers, all burgers are served in a toasted brioche bun, non-brioche bun for Vegan burger and served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a choice of sauces.

Burger £4.50

Cheeseburger £5.00

Bacon Cheeseburger £6.00

Double Cheeseburger £7.00

Double Bacon Cheeseburger £8.00

Chicken Burger with Bacon £6.00

Spiced oriental Vegan Burger £6.00


Fries £2.25

Sweet Potato Fries £3.00

Creamed Potatoes (Dairy Free option available) £2.25

Vegetable Medley portion £2.50

Rice £2.50

Sauces per pot £0.50
(Ketchup/Burger Sauce/Garlic Mayo/Smoked Chipotle and Chilli Jam)

Baked Beans £2.00

Mozzarella Sticks (5) £3.50

Chicken Strips (5) £5.00

Hot Fresh Meals

Chilli Con Carne – Served with Rice, Tortilla Chips, Salsa and a pot of Chilli Jam with a side of Slaw £7.50

Cottage Pie – With a cheese crust mash topping served with a side of vegetable medley and a red onion Gravy £7.50

Trio of Butchers Cumberland sausages – Served with a side of Creamed potatoes and red onion Gravy £7.50

Beef Bourgingon – Served with mushrooms, silver skin onions and Bacon Lardons and a side of Rice £8.50

Traditional “Grandma’s” Salt Beef – Still cooked the old-fashioned way. Either as a Bagel with pickles and English Mustard or by the Kilo, (each kilo will serve between 4-6 people) Bagels £7.50 Per Kilo £30.00

Tandoori Chicken Thighs – Served with Rice, Side of Salad, Pickles, chutneys, Raita and Chilli Jam with a slice of Nan bread £7.50

Texan Style “Low N Slow” smoked Beef Brisket – Soaked in Cider, covered in our famous house rub, then smoked for 9 hours till tender and ready to melt, sliced and served with Cajun Fries and a side of tasty Slaw, also available by the kilo for approx. 4-6 people. Per Meal £9.50 Per Kilo £30.00

Wild Mushroom Cassoulet – Vegan Friendly – Selection of beans and wild mushrooms served in a tomato and basil sauce served with a side of rice £7.50

Vegan Mediterranean Vegetable Tart – Served with a side of creamed potatoes and Vegetable Medley with a dash of tomato and basil sauce £8.50


330 ml Cans £1.50
Pepsi Max / Diet Pepsi / Tango Orange / Cream Soda / Cherryade / Lemonade

Water Bottles £1.50

All foods are cooked fresh and to order. All dishes are from our street food menus or our location menus. Card payments preferred to ensure a contactless system, but we are happy to collect cash envelopes from the door, we ask if you can have the right money ready.

For Card payments please supply a mobile number and we will send you a link to follow for payment, food will be sent out upon receipt of payment. For orders please call – 07530 665969 or 07896782442. Please share with as many people as possible as we are a local family run business trying to survive in these difficult times.