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Welcome to In Any Event Catering, the young, vibrant and dynamic catering company based out of Essex.

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We are a family run catering business, specialising in location catering for the film and TV industry, in additional to this we also cater for a host of corporate clients and corporate events and can cover all parties, weddings as well as BBQs. We are also able to offer a full corporate dining facility to include working lunches, corporate parties, canapé events as well as catering for product launches and other official events.

The Company

In Any Event Catering was set up in 2020 to cater for the growing trend in street food and street food markets. Based out of Essex, the company was set up by 2 “foodies” who really wanted to set the bar to a new level of food quality and standard of service, with the attitude of “nothing is too much trouble for you!” and “we are all part of the same, one big family”.

The People

Neil Bellham – Senior partner and Director for operations. Neil is a fully qualified chef with over 25 years’ experience working in some of the most desirable places in the world. Neil has worked as a consultant chef for a series of 5 star luxury Safari lodges and concessions all over East and South Africa, Neil has been an executive chef for 5 star beach resorts in the Caribbean and has just finished working with a Marine Catering Company where he was responsible for the food and chefs on over a thousand vessels world-wide. Having been born and raised in both East and North London and having a father who was a market trader himself, Neil is no stranger to either food or our capitals street markets.

The Food

BBQ Brisket – Here we have managed to incorporate 1 meat into 2 adorable dishes, firstly we have the American style brisket, this is marinated for over 48 hours in our secret blend of herbs and spices, followed by over 24 hours of solid braising in its own braising liquor till the meat is simply ready to crumble, we then serve the brisket with mixed leaves and our own unique coleslaw blend and the option of our special BBQ sauce (optional), additional to this we are pleased to offer our salt beef, freshly carved and served in either bagels, rye bread or plain white / brown bread, served with mustard and pickles and if that wasn’t enough, come and try our freshly made latkes, this is the stuff of legends!

This is just a sample of all the varied street food menus we can offer, please enquire for more details.

BBQ – All our menus are tailor made to suit your specific needs, whether it’s the classic menus of Burgers and Hot dogs or something with a little more complexity it will not matter as all our BBQ’s are made with fresh ingredients, handmade and all with that special twist that makes our food so unique. No menu is fixed in stone and all are welcome to pick what they like from any menu to make a special one just for yourself.

Party Time – We have been working on devising some truly special menus for all types of parties, from engagement parties that require some finger foods or a fork buffet through to the wedding that requires a full service to suit the special couple. From a birthday party to a dinner party, we highly recommend our delivered direct to your door.

Corporate – Whether it’s a working lunch for 10 or the company party for a thousand, you really need to speak with us. Our staff have a wealth of experience in the corporate dining sector, we can cater for the leaving party through to directors dining all bought to you with a touch of class. A host of menus, with varying prices for you to choose, to suit your company’s budget.

Hungry? Then come and see us!

Corporate Dining